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From Conventional Circuits to PLC...

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Electrical Control Systems offers you a wide range of technical abilities to meet your needs from control relays to PLC systems.


From Small to Large...

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Electrical Control Systems has 13,000 sq.ft. of building space to give us virtually unlimited size capability.


From Testing Equipment to Special Machine Controls

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All our design and fabrication facilities at Electrical Control Systems are aimed at filling your needs, from testing equipment of various types to temperature controling and recording cubicles, material handeling for special machines, and origional equipment manufacturers.


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Manufacturers of Electrical Assemblies and Enclosures

Electrical Control Systems offers you exacting and comprehensive design services in circuit diagrams and bills of materials as well as mechanical pictorials, based upon your sequence of operation and specifications using the latest in programming and CAD software.

Electrical Control Systems is a specialist in building electrical panels for O.E.M and process control and test systems. Our pannels can be supplied in both standard and custom enclosures wired to , , or standards, or to your own specifications.




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